What is Fostering?

Fostering is helping save a life for a shelter dog that needs out! I work with a rescue in Texas to bring the dogs to WI to find homes. When you foster a dog, you give them food, water, love, training, and a nice warm place to sleep. Usually fostering lasts between 1 week and 3 months - It all depends on when the dog is adopted. I make sure they are fully vetted and spayed or neutered before they get here if they are old enough. If the dog needs any vaccines or vet care while you are fostering, I will assist. When it comes to adoptions, you help us get that dog adopted by taking them to the store, parks, or anywhere they can be seen. If we get an adoption application for that dog, I approve them first, then the family is able to meet the dog. Together you and I will decide if it is a good fit for our dog. Fostering also means you get to know that dog best. I will ask for pictures and a short bio to place on the website to help them find their forever home.
— Becky Brown, Owner

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